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Pony Club Riding Centre

In February 2016, Just For Kicks (JFK) Stables was granted approval from the Canadian Pony Club (CPC)  www.canadianponyclub.org. Just For Kicks Stables was the 1st facility, in Manitoba, to receive full approval as a Pony Club Riding Centre. Since that time, several other Pony Club Riding Centres, have opened across Manitoba.



A CPC Riding Centre is a legal entity (i.e., stable), which has been approved to provide mounted & unmounted instruction consistent with the established curriculum of The Canadian Pony Club. The purpose of the CPC Riding Centre Program is to make the CPC membership & educational curriculum available to all equestrian families. Specifically, it is to allow Pony Club participation to young people (under the age of 21) who are interested in learning to ride & learn about the care of horses & ponies, & who may or may not have access to suitable horses or ponies or facilities to house their own or leased mounts.

The CPC Riding Centre must operate in accordance with CPC's guiding beliefs & aims which include:

A committment to the well-being of the horse.
A committment to safety of all in attendance @ the Riding Centre.

Operating an educational facility that is focused on the:

Progressive development of the well rounded equestrian who is both knowledgeable about the care of ponies &  horses (Stable Management) & capable of riding safely & tactfully on the flat, over fences &/or out in the open.
Promotion of teamwork & sportsmanship while facilitating member participation in fair & friendly competitive activities.


Stable Management

Stable Management is a part of every CPC program. It is, in fact, the foundation of the organization. Stable Management involves learning how to properly & safely care for the health & well-being of horses & ponies: nutrition, veterinary care, cleaning a stall, setting up a tack room, bandaging for injury or travel, properly cleaning & caring for tack & equipment & more.

Riding Skills

The goal of CPC is to teach safe riding on the flat, over fences, & in the open. Thus, the core disciplines taught through the CPC program are Dressage, Show Jumping & Eventing.


When joining CPC, all members are unrated & designated as E level. Over time, as knowledge & skills improve through lessons, they progress through the CPC Education & Testing system. The traditional CPC Tests are taken at D through A levels. www.canadianponyclub.org/testing. The Requirements & test sheets include:

Canadian Pony Club Testing Levels

  • D Level involves an introduction to the fun and challenging world of riding. Members learn about riding & barn safety & begin to learn about the daily care of horses & tack.
  • C & C1 Level – members can care for their horse & tack by themselves. They are also able to share their skills with other Pony Club members by assisting in teaching.

Upper Level Tests include: C2, HB/B/B2 as well as HA/RA


A concern for safety is one of the basic principles of CPC. CPC requires all members, regardless of age, to wear an ASTM/SEI approved safety helmet with a properly fitted harness.

Also, to ensure that CPC members have sufficient personal liability, all CPC members must belong to Manitoba Horse Council (Equine PSO) www.manitobahorsecouncil.ca


Clients of Just For Kicks Pony Club Riding Centre, under 21 years of age, may join The Canadian Pony Club as a CPC Riding Centre member by either:

  • completing a CPC Pony Club Riding Centre membership application form by downloading http://www.canadianponyclub.org/membership OR
  • requesting a copy of the application form directly from the Just For Kicks Pony Club Riding Centre Coordinator, Kim.


The completed application is returned to the Kim, along with an accompanying total Fee of $200.00 covering the costs of:

  • CPC National fee (80.00),
  • Manitoba Regional fee (50.00) &
  • Just For Kicks PC Riding Centre fee (70.00)


Please note:

  • The National fee is established from year to year by the CPC National Board of Directors.
  • The Regional fee is set by the Regional Committee.
  • The Riding Centre fee is set by Kim & covers costs associated with annual fundraising donation to Regional as well as annual Riding Centre Administration.


Next, the completed CPC membership form & relevant fees are submitted to the Regional Membership Chair.

Please Note: Since all CPC members must also be members of the Manitoba Horse Council (Equine PSO in MB), the same membership is required of all Just For Kicks Pony Club Riding Centre members.

A photocopy of the Manitoba Horse Council membership card must accompany the CPC application. CPC membership will be valid when the completed application, fees & the Manitoba Horse Council membership card copy are received at the CPC Regional Office. The Riding Centre membership will run through the end of the calendar year.

Upon receipt of the membership form & appropriate fees at the CPC National Office, the new CPC member will be sent a packet consisting of:

  • A welcome letter from the National Chair
  • Pony Club Passport
  • Parent’s Guide
  • Parent’s Code of Conduct


As with all CPC sanctioned events/activities, Just For Kicks Pony club Riding Centre requires the active involvement & support of volunteers wll parents.

Please note: costs associated with regular riding lessons are not included in the annual Pony Club Riding Centre fee. All Just For Kicks Pony Club Riding Centre members do however, benefit from a reduced lesson fee.


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